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Liquid offers a variety of methods and opportunities to help you and your church create a strategy for your small group ministry. From large conferences and workshops to customized training and personal coaching we can help you succeed. If you or your church wants to learn more click here

Our Story

As exciting as small groups can be at any Church, it is not without it's challenges. Jeff Pries, creator of Liquid and a small groups pastor at Mariners Church in Orange County CA, talks about the pitfall's and successes of leading a small groups ministry. There's a chance, his story is also your story.

User Reviews and Testimonials

  • Mike Erre, Teaching Pastor, Rock Harbor Church, Author of The Jesus of Suburbia

    I have seen the power of the Liquid Method in several church settings over nearly a decade. Combining a unique relational learning method with the use of film, Liquid allows anybody to discover the compelling truths of scripture for themselves. It is hard work not to grow in such a setting.

  • John Townsend, Speaker, Author of Making Small Groups Work and Boundaries

    To be successful and to thrive, small group ministries’ need both curriculum and a way to use it. Liquid helps members encounter the Bible and their own lives in a refreshing and engaging way. It keeps people involved in knowing God and following His growth path. I highly recommend it.

  • Bill Dallas, founder, Church Communications Network

    People are captivated by media and the way it touches our culture and lives. Liquid delivers in both of these areas. It has great production value accompanied by the use of great stories. Liquid makes the Bible come to life.



    • Don’t Let Your Small Group Bible Study Get All Over The Place

      The most fundamental principle of the liquid method is the funnel. If you picture the image of a funnel, you’ll better understand the idea of the “flow” when it comes to using the liquid method... Read more >

    • Finding Real Community in the “One Another’s”

      First-century Christians knew what it meant to be in real community with one another, relating with a depth and commitment that made the description “body of Christ” a perfect metaphor for the church... Read more >

    • Its Not Easy But its Necessary

      Anyone who has been a Small Group Pastor for any amount of time recognizes very quickly that there are complexities that come with overseeing a Small Groups. Here are the top ones we have had to grapple with at Mariners Church. ... Read more >

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